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JobGallery Inc. is a web based company providing an innovative platform designed to connect companies with candidates. Our mission is to use our robust platform to directly streamline this connection process. This new Job Posting site opens a live platform between Employer and JobSeeker while offering the latest in social networking tools for instant communication. Employers can search resumes, profiles, email, chat and conduct live video interviews. JobSeekers can search Job Listings, review company profiles, email, chat and interview live. Connect for Success!
Job Seekers will change the way people search for employment forever! No longer will the person looking for employment have to wait patiently to be contacted by an employer. We all know this can be an extremely frustrating and agonizing process. The site provides the ability for Job Seekers to make live contact with the employer directly in response to the offered position. You can search for your ideal Job and engage with that employer immediately by using the tools in the JobGallery site such as email, instant messaging and video conferencing. If you are a Job Seeker its your opportunity to shine! allows you to show a little of your own unique personality by helping you create a personal profile. This profile will showcase you and your interests and give an employer a better understanding of who you are! We all know the importance of creating a strong resume. guides you in this process by allowing you to create that perfect resume on our site. Its all there for you because wants to help you succeed. Let the search begin, Carpe Diem!
Employers will benefit from using as an important resource in finding the perfect candidate. We all know that time is money and helps Employers save both Time and Money! The costs incurred in searching for the right candidate can be astronomical. This process is lengthy and often time consuming. How many times have you known a candidate was wrong for the position in the first five minutes of an interview? Yes, the candidate looked good on paper but unfortunately did not live up to your expectations in the first interview. helps you avoid wasting your valuable time! You will have the resource whereby you can schedule a live video interview, screen prospective candidates and find the qualified person you need. There is no need to hire expensive recruiters with Take the initiative and search the JobGallery database for the candidate needed. Post your Job! Make the connection! Ask those tough questions immediately! Schedule your interviews and find the qualified candidate your company needs to get the Job done. Good Luck and Carpe Diem!

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