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Production manager
Orlando, Florida 32805
United States
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Austin Historical
Industries: Construction
Job Description

This person will be responsible for ensuring projects are running efficiently and with the utmost quality of work. This person must be administrative and organized.
Construction and Carpentry experience ideal
Strong organization skills
Own assigned projects from start to finish to make sure they run smoothly, efficiently, and reflect the utmost quality of work between onsite and in shop production.
Check in on progress onsite as needed as project is in process.
Communicate timely and professionally with clients updating them on their project.
Implement cost-effective solutions and project management techniques throughout project.
Hire, and assign contractors to project.
Maintain daily log of build-out progress.
Coordinate all construction project activities and services across construction and shop team.
Oversee a strict build-out schedule, ensuring milestones are achieved and deadlines are met.
Update landlords and tenants on build-out progress throughout project.
Perform walk through and after care instructions with landlord and tenants after project completion.
Watch teams while on site closely and train, correct, and help with the project as needed.
Secure trusted subcontractors as needed to complete projects.
Other duties as assigned.
Physical Requirements
This position requires incumbents to routinely stand for up to 10 hours a day and for long periods of time, stoop or crouch, lift up to 75 lbs at a time, endure hot and cold temperatures while working, work outside, work while wearing cumbersome protective equipment, walk, perform repetitive hand and arm motions, be able to see near and far distances, respond quickly to sounds, and climb ladders while carrying materials or equipment.
Job Details

Building Construction
Salary Range (USD):
Not disclosed
Job Type:
Full time
Years of Experience:
1 to 3 yrs.
Career Level:
Student: High School
Education Level:
High School
Work Authorization for USA:
US Citizen
Green Card
H-1: if you have work authorization US
Date Posted:
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